New version

Any further ideas for a new version? So far, I have:

  • ability to delete an alias
  • sorting the domain list by domain (i.e. before
  • speed improvements, if any are possible, by using the new Dreamhost API

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Cookie issues

It seems you must have a valid cookie for the Dreamhost panel for Dhalias to work properly. Apparently Dashboard can use the Safari cookies, but can not create any; so if you’ve never logged on the panel with Safari (or have cleared your cookies), the widget fails to login.
While we are investigating the issue, the workaround is rather simple: use Safari to log in once on the Dreamhost panel.

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It’s probably obvious from this site and the widget look that I have little, if any, design flair. I know there are numerous brilliant designers hosting their sites on Dreamhost, so maybe one of you can contribute to the widget look. A good start would be an icon!

Contact admin [at] dhalias [dot] com if you’re interrested!

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dhalias 1.1 released

dhalias 1.1 screenshot

New search function!

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dhalias 1.0 released



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