About dhalias

Dhalias is a Dashboard widget that allows to create so-called “forward-only email” addresses, or aliases.


The idea is to create aliases to your main email for any web site that requires an email address. For example, you’d create aliases “ebay@example.com”, “twitter@example.com” and “facebook@example.com”, all pointing to your real email “john@example.com”. If/when one alias get compromised (i.e. spammed), it’s pretty easy to update just the web site(s) using that spammed alias with a new alias.

For this method to work well, however, it must be super easy to create a new alias. Doing it through the DreamHost panel is possible but a bit slow. dhalias fixes that.

License & Credits

Dhalias is licensed under the GPL.

It uses the keychain plugin from Scue.